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As a leadership coach, Tanveer Naseer works with his clients to help them push past their assumptions and perceived notions – which typically leads to declining employee morale and workplace inertia – and develop concrete action plans that are within their abilities and resources to implement.

This approach allows Tanveer’s clients to develop strategies from their coaching sessions which are internally driven and conform to the organization’s culture and values. This also allows clients to take full ownership of both the process and the results as the measures are derived collectively within the team, ensuring that the efforts are sustainable instead of simply being a short-term gain.

Through his coaching sessions, either one-on-one or with your team, Tanveer will work with you to create a personalized plan of action that will help you to:

  • Develop and strengthen your team’s internal motivation to keep pressing ahead, even when the situation becomes more challenging.
  • Strengthen your ability to focus on the key processes that will allow your team to move forward in reaching your organization’s shared goals.
  • Define attainable goals on both the professional and personal level, areas that need to be treated as mutually dependent as opposed to exclusive.
  • Work with you to create strategies that will help your team become more responsive and adaptive to change in order to foster sustainable growth and development.
  • Strengthen your leadership skills in the areas of team building, long term visioning and strategy, communication, and creative and critical thinking.

Some of the services Tanveer Naseer Leadership offers include:

  • Individual/group coaching
  • Staff and team development
  • Leadership development

To learn more about Tanveer’s approach to leadership development and organizational growth, check out his writings on leadership on his award-winning, internationally-acclaimed leadership blog, as well as his first leadership book, “Leadership Vertigo”. We also invite you to take a look below at the numerous publications, media appearances, publications and guest articles Tanveer has written to learn more about his insights on leadership and workplace interactions.

Click here to learn more about Tanveer Naseer Leadership’s coaching services and how we can work together on building on your team’s current successes and plans to reach your organization’s shared goals.

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