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A Leader’s Story On How To Truly Care For Your Employees

Learn how one leader's grappling with the accidental death of one of their employees led them to understand why caring leaders fuel extraordinary performance from employees.

What would you do if your role as a leader lead to the accidental death of one of your employees? It’s a scenario that, thankfully, most of us might never have to consider. And yet, for one leader, this was exactly a situation they faced in their career, and what might have been a career-ending moment turned into one that helped this leader to learn how we can achieve extraordinary outcomes simply by caring for those we lead.

The leader in question is Cort Dial, who is also the guest in this episode of my leadership podcast, “Leadership Biz Cafe”. Cort is a former manager and executive who now serves as President of Cort Dial Consulting, where he has worked with executives from Chevron, Intel, U.S. Borax, Disney and Apple.

Cort is also the author of the book, “Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership”, which was recognized by The Globe and Mail as the #1 Business book of 2016 and was awarded the Gold Non-Fiction Award, and serves as the focus of this episode.

Over the course of conversation, Cort and I discuss many aspects around leadership, including:

  • Why organizational safety should be viewed as an opportunity to produce extraordinary performance.
  • A powerful story that reveals the true nature of accountability within a team or organization and what it means for today’s leaders.
  • Learn why safety is more than just compliance, but an opportunity to play a “big game” that will allow you to inspire the best from those you lead.
  • 3 simple questions that leaders can use to encourage their employees to embrace change inside their organization.
  • An important lesson on the real nature of choice and how we can live the lives we want and are meant to live.

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Click on the player below to listen to the podcast:

[Running time: 39 minutes]

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