4 Powerful Questions That Will Improve Your Leadership And Drive Success

Award-winning leadership writer and enterpreneur Jim Strock shares 4 questions that can help leaders improve the way they lead.

These days it seems like we’re seeing more and more high profile leaders being caught taking actions that clearly are meant more to serve themselves and their interests, rather than those they have the responsibility to lead and how they can help their employees, or their citizens, achieve success and prosperity under their leadership.

So how do we as everyday leaders ensure we’re serving our employees over ourselves, especially in light of the growing war for talent in the face of increasing employee shortages? It’s through that lens that I have a thoughtful and uplifting conversation with my colleague and friend, James Strock.

James Strock is an award-winning leadership author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He’s also a former senior public official, having served as the founding Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, and as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the US Environmental Protection Agency. He is the author of several books, including his latest “Serve to Lead 2.0 – 21st Century Leadership Manual”, which is the focus of our discussion.

Over the course of this episode, James and I discuss what it takes for leaders to effectively lead today’s organization’s including:

  • 4 questions leaders should ask themselves to ensure they can be successful in leading their organization in today’s ever-changing environment.
  • A real world example of how we can apply to scientific mind to experiment and test and use failures and setbacks to give
  • How managers can serve their team members by not only through empowering them, but by giving them greater accountability.
  • Why developing a stronger focus on who we should be serving through our leadership can actually make us more resilient to failure.
  • Why the key to effective communication revolves around our efforts to truly make people feel heard and understood.

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