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Tanveer Naseer, Leadership and Keynote Speaker

When it comes to providing a fresh look at leadership, and actionable guidance on how to become a more effective and successful leader in today’s faster-paced, global environment, award-winning and internationally acclaimed leadership writer and thinker Tanveer Naseer is fast becoming a key voice in the leadership sphere.

So much so that Inc Magazine recently recognized Tanveer not only as one of their “100 Great Leadership Speakers for Your Next Conference”, but they also included Tanveer in their list of the “Top 100 Management and Leadership Experts”, putting him alongside some of the top leadership thinkers and practitioners in the world.

In his talks, Tanveer masterfully blends research studies with stories to give audience members both the inspiration to become a better leader in their organization, along with practical tips on how to put these ideas into action.

In developing his talks, Tanveer prefers the collaborative approach of working with event planners and conference organizers to understand what are the key issues audience members want to better understand, and then shaping his message to create that perfect fit for your event or organization.

Tanveer has even been known to take some of the obstacles and stories audience members share with him before his talk and incorporate them right on the spot to ensure his talks resonate and reflect the current challenges and realities his audience is facing.

It’s not surprising then why Tanveer continues to receive high praise from audience members all over and why he’s been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of today’s “100 Great Leadership Speakers”.

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Speaking Topics:

Here’s a list of some of Tanveer’s most popular talks, which will help to give you an idea of the kind of leadership topics Tanveer regularly talks about on the speaking circuit:

Shifting from Training People to Continuously Improving Talent
In this keynote, Tanveer examines what makes for a successful training program and use that framework to help attendees understand how they can facilitate a continuous learning environment in their organization.

Some of the insights audience members take away from this presentation include:

  • What studies have shown to be the fuel that drives our internal motivation drives and how this impacts our ability to learn and grow.
  • How to improve learning and adaptation by avoiding the 5 motivation don’ts and implementing the 5 motivation do’s.
  • 5 critical steps leaders need to incorporate into any continuous talent improvement program to ensure success and overall growth within their organization.
  • How to effectively address conflicts that adversely impact employee morale in order to sustain and build overall productivity.


No More Workplace Zombies: Keys to Creating Employees Who Care
In this keynote, Tanveer discusses the three core psychological needs studies have shown we all have, and how they can help us to not only prevent the spread of workplace zombies, but also how we can tap into these core psychological needs to create employees who care.

Using a combination of the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology, along with storytelling and audience participation exercises, audience members come away with a better appreciation for not only how they can stop the spread of employees who simply check their brains at the door, but also how they can encourage their team mates to commit their discretionary effort to their shared purpose.


Tap Into Your Natural Charisma to Engage, Inspire, and Drive Success in Your Organization
In this keynote, Tanveer reveals that charisma is not about charm, but about the ability to inspire and motivate those under your leadership to commit to a shared purpose by building powerful and effective communication skills.

Over the course of this keynote, Tanveer looks at:

  • The common traits shared by charismatic leaders and how audience members can learn to tap into their native charisma.
  • What it takes to communicate better with those under your leadership in order to create a workplace environment that challenges others to learn and grow within the organization.
  • The four “Charismatic Leadership Tactics” and the two words charismatic leaders use to drive success in their organizations.


How to Overcome Leadership Vertigo to Drive Success
In this keynote, Tanveer discusses how the four Leadership Principles shared in his first leadership book, “Leadership Vertigo” can help leaders to tap into the native talents, creativity, and experiences of their employees in order to promote organizational adaptability and growth in the years to come.

Over the course of this talk, Tanveer looks at:

  • How leaders can foster a sense of community in their organization to encourage employee engagement and accountability.
  • How leaders can develop their emotional competence to build and strengthen relationships to drive organizational success.
  • What leaders can do to increase self-awareness in their leadership in order to better respond to their organization’s needs.
  • How tapping into our innate sense of compassion can drive innovation and success.

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Praise for Tanveer Naseer:

“Thank you for coming to Boston Children’s to do your talk. You made a great impact on many of us. I’ve spoken about you and your talk with my Director and he’s impressed. This week I will be sharing with one of our management teams, my experience from your talk.
I am definitely looking forward to having you return to Boston Children’s in the future.”
– Angela Thomas, Patient Support Services’ Program Administration Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital


“Tanveer was an amazing and thought-provoking leadership guest speaker for the monthly CNSC Guest Speaker Series. He brought a new way of thinking into making work a more productive place. Employees left the Speaker Series feeling refreshed!”
– Thomas Simpson, Policy Officer at Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Government of Canada


“I had the opportunity to enjoy your presentation No More Workplace Zombies: Keys to Creating Employees Who Care in Utah. Your presentation generated excitement and some creative avenues to get our associates/managers re-invested at their job, and even spill over into home. You definitely created a stir!”
– Dana Ketchum, DC Engineering, Dillard’s


“Tanveer Naseer was an invited speaker for us at the sold out PMI NJ Annual Symposium in May 2015, speaking on Leadership Vertigo. His engaging style and background turned what could have been a dry subject into an energetic and absorbing discussion… the room was packed with over 200 interested attendees right through the end.
We enjoyed having Tanveer as a guest speaker, he invited dialogue throughout the 24 hours he was with us and we would highly recommend him for similar speaking engagements in the future.”
– Carl Pflanzer, MBA, PMP, PMI NJ



“The Boston Children’s Hospital leadership community had the good fortune of having Tanveer as a guest speaker for our Management Grand Rounds Speaker Series. Tanveer was a passionate presenter and provided excellent insight into his theories of leadership. His book, Leadership Vertigo, provides a neat blueprint for the course leaders need to take to re-connect with employees in today’s complex and rapidly changing world of business.”

– Alan Paret, Senior Leadership Development Specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital


“We used Tanveer as [the keynote] speaker for our NAED’s 2014 LEAD Conference for our up-and-coming professionals within our industry. Tanveer was great to work with from day 1, well prepared for his keynote to our group, punctual, outgoing, great pace, very professional in working with him! Would recommend him as a leadership-focused speaker! Great job Tanveer!”
– Brian Peters, Regional Manager, NAED


“Tanveer is a gifted thought leader and talented presenter on the subjects of leadership, coaching, and building relationships. Tanveer has been generous with his time and each instance that I have enjoyed a conversation with him I come away inspired to do my best. Anyone looking for a speaker or author to engage an audience can do no better than to ask for Tanveer Naseer.”
– Andrew Bateman, Human Capital Institute (HCI)


“I’ve had the opportunity to partner with Tanveer many times over past couple of years. The end goal of our collaboration has been educational programs to help executives improve their performance.  In the planning and developmental process – Tanveer is a pleasure to work with in that he brings creative ideas to the tables, builds upon ideas that are presented to him and is focused on the end goal of creating a meaningful, useful experience for the customer.
I have enjoyed working with Tanveer in the past – and look forward to collaborating with him in the future.”
– Mike Brown, Audio Conference Director, Progressive Business Audio Conferences



“As a meeting professional, I was honored to work with Tanveer. I really enjoyed that he was very personable with the conference attendees, posting blogs and comments prior to the conference on our LinkedIn Group to get the conversation going and afterwards to follow-up as well. I respect the work of Tanveer Naseer Leadership and would highly recommend it to other event planners looking for a leadership coach/speaker.”
– Karen M. Cartwright, CMP, MBA, Corporate Event Planner, Dematic North America


“Shout out to @TanveerNaseer for doing such a great job!”
– Doug Conant, Chairman, Avon and retired CEO, Campbell’s Soup Company


“I always enjoy the stories you tell! Love ’em and lead ’em”
– Jim Kouzes, Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Santa Clara University


“Thanks Tanveer for your continued excellence in leadership! Love your postings my friend!”
– Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer at Microsoft


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Tanveer Naseer in the Media:

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