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Defining the Limits of Our Abilities

Defining our limits

Bret L. Simmons posted a thought-provoking piece on his blog this week where he talked about human “capacity”.  Simmons defines capacity as “the potential each of us has to do more and be more than we are now”.  Although this lead to some debate over whether human capacity could be viewed as being without limits, as I pointed out in my comment on this piece, the real issue is how do we go about defining or quantifying the limits of our capabilities.

As children, we learned early on about the limits of our abilities, of what activities we excelled at and which ones we struggled with.  Thanks to the varied curricula of the education system, we were able to test our competencies in understanding scientific principles, of creating inspired works of art, and whether we could score a goal in a hockey net.  Even if we couldn’t do some of these well, we were still expected to try, to push ourselves to do the best we could.  Although we took on these challenges in order to Click here to continue reading »”Defining the Limits of Our Abilities”