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What Leaders Can Do To Encourage Learning And Growth

Among the many responsibilities that come with leadership, one that I’m particularly passionate about is facilitating the learning and growth of those you serve. This was also the focus of last week’s HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference where leaders from a wide range of industries and backgrounds offered their viewpoints and experiences on learning, leadership and fostering growth in your organization.

After attending this conference, I wanted to encapsulate some of the perspectives shared by these presenters, along with some of my own thoughts on what you can do to create a learning environment for your employees and with it, create conditions that will help your organization to evolve and grow in meeting the challenges and needs found in today’s global economy.

1. ‘Focus on behaviours to change culture. Behaviours turn into attitudes, and attitudes become the culture.’ – Bob Bennett, Vice President, Human Resources and CLO Global Organizational Learning Development and Services, FedEx Express

While we might rely on training programs to help inform our employees about what we want to accomplish and how, we have to be mindful of the reality that it’s the behaviours our employees see every day that help to shape their attitudes and understandings of what’s acceptable to those in charge. Although training programs are useful in imparting information and ideas, it’s our daily behaviours that provide the context for those ideas.

The behaviours we exemplify and evoke in others also serves to shape workplace attitudes and with it, the real culture and values found in your organization.

So while training programs are important for distributing information and ideas, it’s critical that Click here to continue reading »”What Leaders Can Do To Encourage Learning And Growth”

Are You Waiting For Permission to Grow?

The following is a guest post by Darcy Eikenberg.

“We’ve cut back on our training—nothing I can do about that.”

“Our conference budgets have been cut, so it’ll be hard for me to stay current.”

“My manager doesn’t know any more than I do—how am I going to grow?”

Heard those comments in your workplace lately? If so, you’re not alone. One of the biggest laments uncovered in survey after survey is that the current lack of learning and development programs is a strong contributor to disengagement.

Makes sense, right? After all, you’re human. You want to learn, grow, and increase your professional contribution—not sit there like a lump. You want to feel you’re making a difference, using all of your abilities and talents. You want to be prepared for the future world of work—whatever that will be.

So why are you waiting for permission to grow?

It’s a losing game to wait for your boss/your CEO/your organization to change in order to accelerate your own learning and development. Sure, it would be great if all leaders recognized that coaching, teaching and training are investments, not expenses, but until then, it’s time for you to take control.

Here are three simple actions you can take right now. Try one and create dramatic changes in your career and your overall growth. Click here to continue reading »”Are You Waiting For Permission to Grow?”

Are You Employing This Tool To Fuel Your Organization’s Growth?

As more organizations continue to shift their approach from recovery to growth, there’s naturally a growing concern developing about the potential risk of losing their key talent to competitors, as well as how to attract the talent they need to help their organization strengthen their competitive edge.

In most cases, these discussions tend to focus either on discovering key talent within your organization or how to attract the talent you need to join your team. Unfortunately, these strategies tend to be limited in scope and can cause leaders to overlook the advantages of developing their employees to meet the evolving needs of their organization.

One of the most effective ways to do this – with the added bonus of increasing employee retention – is by offering training programs. By offering such programs, employees are given the opportunity to not only refine and develop their skills in order to be more effective in their roles, but it also encourages them to take the time to evaluate their career goals and come up with ideas of how their organization can help them to achieve them.

Granted, one of the reasons why most employers are reluctant to provide employee training is because they fear that they will lose the investment made through such efforts if their employees leave the organization to work elsewhere. However, such fears don’t Click here to continue reading »”Are You Employing This Tool To Fuel Your Organization’s Growth?”