Tanveer Naseer

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Religion Vs. Science – Oh, Enough Already

I went out for dinner last night with an old friend from my university days and invariably it was a night filled with sharing recent news as well as reminiscing about our time spent in all those lab sessions and seminars. During the course of one of our many conversation threads, we ended up comparing notes over the growing debate between religion and science and the typical rise in louder and more obnoxious participants on each side as such issues go “mainstream”. It was no surprise to me that, as products of a science education and from working in the sector, we were in agreement about the need for both the science body and the general public to wrestle back control over these two aspects of our society from those who are clearly abusing both to further their own myopic agendas. It’s thanks to that wonderful and engaging conversation that I decided to write this entry to start clearing the air on this whole absurd debate.

The reality is that there is no need to draw lines in the sand between science and religion any more than one would need to do such between politics and cooking. Simply put, one cannot put science and religion on the same yardstick Click here to continue reading »”Religion Vs. Science – Oh, Enough Already”