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5 Simple Steps For Cutting Your Work Addiction Habit

Learn about a 5 step process that can help you boost productivity by tapping into the power of fun.

The following is a guest piece by Dave Crenshaw.

Have you become allergic to fun?

I suppose it’s an abrupt question to ask. If I were to ask that of someone, I can understand them taking it personally and responding with “buzz off” or some incantation of that phrase.

But, have you? Many of us have lost touch with our ability to enjoy, let alone have fun.

At some point our careers gained momentum. We gained moderate to significant success, and with success came responsibility, and with responsibility came the aversion to whimsy. For many in this situation, harmless diversions from our work were labeled as laziness; so, we trudged away day in and day out. After all, time is money. Money is labor. And, labor is time. Occasionally, hard time. Right?

Perpetual Motion vs Rhythm

The problem with this line of thinking is that it assumes being effectively productive means attacking your tasks and achieving your goals non-stop, every day, every hour, with reckless abandon. This isn’t productivity. This is perpetual motion. This is work addiction. And it’s the least productive way to work.

Our bodies have what is called a Ultradian Rhythm. Think of your body clock―your Circadian Rhythm. That’s the 24-hour cycle that your body goes through―from the time you wake up, to the time when you are at your most alert, to the time you go back to bed. Well, your Ultradian Rhythm is our mind and body’s productivity clock. Most people can work for roughly 90-120 minutes before they need some kind of break.

In my upcoming book, “The Power of Having Fun“, I call this break an “Oasis.” An Oasis is the fuel that recharges your mind and body. Think of any desert journey scene in any old Hollywood movie. Then, the protagonist, fighting thirst and exhaustion, miraculously happens upon an oasis with all the amenities needed to keep going.

You need not wait for this to happen. You can create these miraculous moments every day. By planning your daily Oasis, you have the power to not just be more productive, but to reenter the world as a happier person.

Here are the 5 steps you’ll need to break that cycle and experience the power of having fun! Click here to continue reading »”5 Simple Steps For Cutting Your Work Addiction Habit”

A Tale of Halloween – A Spooky Trick AND Treat

For my Halloween post, I decided to do something different that would allow me to share another creative side of myself here on my blog.  As I’ve mentioned in various parts on my site, in addition to writing non-fictional pieces like the ones featured here, I also enjoy writing fictional pieces.  And what better event is there than Halloween as an opportunity to merge both these streams?

Of course, instead of writing a piece for Halloween, I decided to film a video blog, with some . . . fictional elements thrown in for fun.  Although a short piece, it still took a few weeks to put this together – from scouting out a good location to, well you’ll see.  During one of my trips into the forest, I crossed paths with this woodland creature – certainly a good omen when you set out to make a scary film.  As he doesn’t make an appearance in the film, I thought I’d share this screen grab if not to help set the mood . . . Click here to continue reading »”A Tale of Halloween – A Spooky Trick AND Treat”