Tanveer Naseer

Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Writer

Got A Few Minutes? Why It’s Important to Take That Daily Break

Last week, I experienced the worst thing that could happen to any of us in this technological, wired age – my computer wouldn’t boot-up completely. After spending a few days trying to figure out what was behind this computer failure – a virus attack, a malfunctioning memory stick, or worse, a dying motherboard – I discovered the real culprit was the power supply unit. A quick trip to my preferred computer parts store (no big box stores for me thanks), and I got my computer back up and running – though with some other glitches that needed additional work in the days after.

Needless to say, this headache created its own share of problems, even though I was able to work off another computer while the other one was down. The biggest one was this urgent feeling that I needed to play catch-up; that since I hadn’t operated at my peak capacity the previous week, I had somehow fallen behind on work and such. Even though I intuitively knew that I had stayed on top of matters, I still couldn’t shake this feeling that I had to keep working so as to keep the beast at bay.

After giving this some thought, I realized what was behind this feeling of anxiety or pressure. Click here to continue reading »”Got A Few Minutes? Why It’s Important to Take That Daily Break”