Tanveer Naseer

Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Writer

The Story of Steve – A Personal Tale of Gratitude

Since joining the TweetsGiving community a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying to figure out what I should write about as an expression of personal gratitude. Naturally, my first idea was to write a piece about my wife and kids, of how they’ve been a wonderful source of love, happiness and sense of inner peace. I also thought of writing about all the other people who have helped to shape the course my life has been taking so far.

After giving this some thought, I decided I wanted to share a personal story about someone I met many years ago while attending university. His name was Steve and he wasn’t another student, nor was he one of my professors. Instead, Steve was a homeless man, spending most of his days hanging out on this short platform wall asking the passersby for some spare change. More importantly, Steve is someone I grew to care about and who to this day, has had a lasting impact on my life. Click here to continue reading »”The Story of Steve – A Personal Tale of Gratitude”