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Stop Unwanted Beliefs From Sabotaging Your Self-Improvement

Learn from Inc. columnist Joshua Spodek how two skills can help you to overcome those unwanted beliefs that get in the way of achieving your goals.

The following is a guest piece by Inc. columnist and NYU Adjunct Professor Joshua Spodek.

We’re approaching February and gyms are starting to empty as people drop their resolutions. Maybe you know the pattern: you felt so resolved in December to get fit, start a new venture, or whatever your resolution. For most of us, by Valentines Day that resolve has gone.

What happened?

We were positive we’d do it this time.

More importantly, what can we do about it?

First, some context. After reading my book, “Leadership Step by Step”, Tanveer noted how New Year’s Day leads people to think about self-improvement and suggested relating it to my chapters on unwanted beliefs and changing them. I love the topic, which is at the core of leading yourself, which helps you lead others.

Next, what do I mean by a belief and how can one be unwanted?

I’m not talking about religious beliefs. I mean the mental models your mind uses to simplify a complex world enough to keep us alive and, hopefully, happy.

You probably know that beliefs influence how you perceive. For example, you feel and react differently when Click here to continue reading »”Stop Unwanted Beliefs From Sabotaging Your Self-Improvement”

Making Life’s Little Moments Count

If you’re like me I’m sure you’ve had days where the size of the To-Do list looks insurmountable, the weather outside is dreary and uninviting and basically, you find yourself without any motivation to get your day going.

On some of these days, when we’re stuck trying to figure out how we’re going to get our momentum back, we receive this unexpected but welcome distraction – an email from a friend thanking us for what seemed to us to be a simple effort, a congratulatory note about some recent work we shared on Facebook or Twitter, or perhaps just one of our friends sharing some humourous anecdote that makes us laugh. On the surface, these gestures are simple and unassuming; however, on those days where we’re facing down a bad case of the blahs, they have the power to make us suddenly bound forth with renewed enthusiasm and verve.

Without question, on those days where we feel uninspired or weary, these simple efforts are a welcome arrival, the emotional equivalent of Click here to continue reading »”Making Life’s Little Moments Count”