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4 Lessons On Team-Building I Learned From My Garden

Growing team garden analogy

As a gardener, I enjoy this time in the summer because you get to step back from your garden and appreciate what all that hard work you did in the spring and early summer has given rise to. This time of the year is also an ideal time to review how the plants are faring in your garden so you can anticipate what changes might need to be made in the upcoming fall or spring.

Walking by the various gardens around my house, I noticed how certain flowers planted a few years ago were now doing a great job filling out what used to be bare spots in the garden. At the same, I also noted which perennials would need to be transplanted in the fall given how they were beginning to outgrow their current place in the garden.

Now, it wasn’t always the case that we had a thriving garden full of multi-coloured blooms and various kinds of foliage. In the first few years when we started working on our garden, it felt more like a losing battle with nature given how many plants we lost to pests, problematic growing conditions and who knows what else. Although it was frustrating, those early years provided us with some valuable lessons about our garden, lessons we’ve since used to create a garden we could enjoy and admire.

After reviewing the steps I took over the last few seasons to get my garden to this point of abundance and sustainability, I noticed that there were some interesting parallels that could be drawn to the process of how to go about creating a strong and successful team. And so, I’d like to present these four valuable lessons I learned from my garden which can help you through the process of building and developing a successful team for your organization: Click here to continue reading »”4 Lessons On Team-Building I Learned From My Garden”

Are You Building A Business Or A Job?

The following is a guest post by John Warrillow. John writes a regular business column for several publications, including Inc Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and BNET. John is also the author of the book “Built to Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You”, which is set to go through it’s second printing this week. Included in this 2nd edition of his book is a new section that provides examples and his own personal experiences with the various steps described in his book on how you can build a business you can sell (you can read my review of the first edition of John’s book here).

Following the release of my book “Built to Sell” last year, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with several business owners about their companies and the challenges they face as their business grows and evolves.

As Tanveer writes about leadership and managing employees, I thought I’d share some of the questions I often get asked by business leaders about managing customer expectations, developing their employees and how to involve your team in the process of selling your business when the time comes to put it on the selling block.

Q: These days, there’s a lot of talk about the importance of customer service and doing whatever it takes to make them happy. How do I balance this against not spreading my company resources too thin?

A: I’m a big believer in leading your customers, not following them. If Steve Jobs had listened to his customers, he would have never developed the iPod. Nobody would have told Jobs in a focus group that they want a thousand songs in their pocket because it’s impossible for most people to imagine something that doesn’t exist, if not knowing what your company is capable of creating.

That’s why I think companies need to focus on Click here to continue reading »”Are You Building A Business Or A Job?”

How To Build Your Team For Success

No matter what industry your business is based in, all entrepreneurs and small business owners share one thing in common – the desire to see their business grow and become more profitable. In most cases, this drive leads to a focus on looking out for new markets or finding new ways to attract new customers. And yet, few business owners consider the importance that growing and developing their team of employees plays in helping their company to achieve greater prosperity and stability.

Indeed, in a recent survey among owners of the fastest growing small businesses in North America, over 77% of respondents said that “hiring the right people” played a significant role in their company’s ability to grow. Of course, many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t start their companies so they can be in a position to lead others. Instead, most embrace the entrepreneurial spirit in order to ‘be their own boss’ and not to become someone else’s.

This is probably why many treat the hiring of new employees as if they were securing another vendor in their product supply chain. In other words, business owners tend to simply look for someone to pass off some of the issues they face in getting their products/services out into the hands of their customers. While this approach can help provide some short term gains, it prevents business owners from understanding the value employees offer to the future growth of their company.

So how can business owners develop a team of employees that will help propel the growth of their companies? Here are some tips on where to begin. Click here to continue reading »”How To Build Your Team For Success”